Sedaven Dormitory

Introduction to Sedaven Dormitory

The Sedaven Dormitory can become a caring Christian community and a great place to live to the extent that the students, parents, and dorm parents are all willing to respect and cooperate with each other. A dorm, just like any other community, has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. It is never easy to live with a large number of people. The rules and lack of privacy may become difficult, but it can become one of the most meaningful experiences in one’s life.  Most boarding students find that living in a dorm provides more fun and freedom than they expected.


Sedaven operates a Boarding Division consistent with its primary purpose of providing educational options for the children whom are students at the Sedaven High School. The Boarding Division operates within the framework of the policies and rules of Sedaven Adventist. The Boarding Division recognizes the need for continuing parental responsibility and involvement in the care and training of students who reside in the dormitory. The values, teachings and beliefs of the parents are supported within the parameters of Sedaven ‘s Statement of Faith. The Boarding Division strives to create a comfortable, homelike, Christian environment by providing positive, loving care such as would be found in a Christ-centred home. Boarding Division Personnel exercise flexibility and understanding in the individual care of each boarding student within the context of the group living environment. Open communication, mutual respect and trustworthiness are fundamental to the effective operation of the Boarding Division.


The Boarding Division seeks to provide a comfortable, homelike residence while providing care and training for each student in the following areas.

  1. Spiritual: Provide an environment conducive to individual Christian growth and to assist the student in integrating Christian faith into all areas of life.
  2. Physical: Provide nutritious meals and promote a healthy lifestyle. (See attached Meal Plan)
  3. Emotional: Assist the student in growth of self-esteem, personal responsibility and self-discipline. 4. Social: Promote growth in personal relationships, respect for authority, and sensitivity to the rights of others.
  4. Educational: Promote good study habits and provide an environment conducive to study.
  5. Cultural: Promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for the South African culture as well as other nationalities and cultures represented in the school and Sedaven Dormitory.

Boarding Program Guiding Values

Our guidelines and expectations for boarding are built upon a foundation of values that guide our lives and work.  Our prayer is that students will not merely comply with the rules or simply follow the “letter of the law” but that they will see the value in establishing principles to be followed in life for the well-being of themselves and others.

  1. Moral Character/Integrity/Spiritual Growth- We desire that each of our students will grow in their understanding of God’s character and His love for them. To that end, we spend time in devotions and prayer as a dorm community.  Most importantly, in everyday conversations and interactions, we seek to give Biblical guidance and counsel.  We realize not all students share our Christian faith but believe that we can still encourage the values of moral character and integrity in each student’s life.
  2. Respect for Self and Others– Our goal is to help students see their personal worth and value as well as that of others. We work to encourage them to grow in their understanding of how their attitudes and actions impact others in the community.
  3. Personal Responsibility- Students are encouraged to consider and accept the consequences for their actions. There is also an expectation that there is respect given for personal property and property of the school and dorm.
  4. Healthy Relationships– The Sedaven Dormitory are a great place to learn skills that are helpful in building healthy relationships with peers of both sexes as well as with adults. We encourage students to develop consideration, love, and forgiveness in these relationships.  Living in the dorm can also provide opportunities for students to learn healthy ways to manage conflict and work toward resolution.
  5. Communication- Good communication is essential throughout one’s life. Students are encouraged to maintain open, honest, and respectful communication with roommate, fellow dorm students, and dorm staff.
  6. Realizing and Developing one’s Inherent Potential– Our desire is that students will seek to do all things in a manner that pleases God and we seek to help students realize and use the gifts and talents given to them by God in all areas of life: academics, social life, extracurricular activities, etc.
  7. Positive Attitude- Each student’s overall experience is impacted by the attitude they choose to take. Gratefulness, looking out for the needs of others, and a willingness to work with others in unity are qualities we strive toward.
  8. Sense of Community- Living in the Sedaven Domitory is a great opportunity to learn how to be considerate and respectful of others and learn to live in community with others.  A sense of community is developed naturally through day-to-day interactions within the dorm.  We also work to develop it further through dorm time, which consists of group devotions, chores, meetings, activities, and parties.  Through these activities, relationships are strengthened and fond memories are made.  Our purpose is to convey the vision that we are not simply providing room and board, but a mutually supportive based community (family model).  We operate with the expectation that students will be an active part of their community.
  9. Personal Health and Safety– Steps are taken to ensure students learn to make wise choices that positively impact their health and safety as well as those around them.
  10. Life Skills- As parents would teach in their home, we seek to model and teach life skills. Some such skills include time management, conflict resolution, money management, basic cleaning and laundry, and the maintenance of balance in the different areas of life (academic, extracurricular, social, and personal).