The Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of Education places a high value on a “balanced education.”  Sedaven High School, therefore, arranges certain co‑curricular activities in accordance with the interests of the learners, and the skills and abilities of staff members.

  • Organised team sports with an undue emphasis on competition and winning as well as other inter‑school competitions are generally avoided, both for philosophical as well as practical reasons. The emphasis is on structured, but informal play and recreational activities.
  • Learners have ample opportunity to relax with activities such as soccer, netball, badminton, tennis, volleyball, table tennis and swimming.
  • Excursions and hiking expeditions are also undertaken. In all these co-curricular activities our aims are educational, and not just for the sake of amusement or entertainment.


Piano or singing lessons are given on an individual basis.

  • There are sound‑proof music rooms in which to practice. Music fees are extra. See the “Financial Brochure”.

If you are taking piano‑lessons you must practice faithfully. If you can play another instrument, bring it along! We would like to use your talents.


Be a culturally-minded person and join the choir!Sedaven usually has an excellent choir and/or other musical groups, which often perform, away from the school. It is fun!


If you have acting abilities and a dramatic flair, be sure to audition for our annual production.



A variety of spiritual activities are planned throughout the year.  This includes a special week of spiritual emphasis twice a year, Wednesday evening prayer meetings, as well as programs on Friday evening and Sabbath.
Make full use of every opportunity that Sedaven offers you to develop spiritually. Allow your spiritual development to become the number one priority in your life. Live with your eye on the life to come.


Every learner is appointed to a guardian teacher. Your guardian teacher will take special interest in you as a person, and will carry your interests at heart. Please stay in contact with him/her, and feel free to share your burdens and concerns with this person.


The Bible teaching you receive at Sedaven cannot be equaled at any Government school.  It is unique to Seventh-day Adventist schools. The approach to Bible teaching is not only very modern, but also educationally very sound.

You will find that Sedaven sets aside more time for Bible classes than do most other schools. In the Bible class more will also be expected of you than what you are perhaps used to. Do not be frightened by the idea, you will enjoy it. Wait and see!



At Sedaven we will give you many opportunities to develop your potential leadership qualities. We can, however, not develop your leadership skills if you do not co-operate. Always be ready to say “Yes” when you are asked to do something in public or to accept some or other responsibility.

We realise that you may be shy, and that extra responsibility usually implies extra work, but you will never be sorry if you make full use of the leadership opportunities created for you at Sedaven.


Leadership opportunities at Sedaven are structured along the following lines:

  1. Class Captains

One boy and one girl per class will be appointed as class captains every quarter. These class captains have specific duties and responsibilities:

  • Class captains are responsible to report absences, and to ensure that each teacher signs the necessary absent form for learners who are not at school.
  • Class captains are to take the initiative, together with the class teachers, to arrange class outings.
  • Class captains must assist the teachers with the discipline (or any other relevant activity) in the class.
  1. 2. Prefects

Prefects are appointed from the Grade 12 learners by the staff after polling the opinions of learners.  Prefects have clearly defined tasks and responsibilities, and have full authority in the absence of a staff member. Learners should show the necessary respect for prefects and co-operate with them.


Many of the co-curricular activities at Sedaven are organised by the learners who are elected to serve on the SCA.   The SCA is organised into the following sub-committees:

  1. SCA – Spiritual (Junior Church Board): Organises Wednesday evening Prayer meetings, Friday evening programmes, Week of Prayer etc.
  2. SCA – Social: Sees to it that well-balanced social programmes are in place every Saturday evening.
  3. SCA – Culture/Nature: Ensures active involvement in cultural and nature-type activities.
  4. SCA – Sport: Initiates special sport activities throughout the year.
  5. SCA – WOW: Responsible for school newspaper.

The SCA-programme is our main programme for the development of leadership skills.  Active participation in this programme is encouraged.


Each year a class president, representing the entire grade, will be elected by learners in the grade.  Those learners wishing to be class presidents campaign for this title, much like the politicians in our country do.  Once elected, the class president is responsible for class projects, and has a seat on the Learner Representative Council.


Prefects, class presidents and representatives from each SCA group meet regularly to discuss and initiate issues pertaining to the school.