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Seven reasons why I send my child to an Adventist School7-reasons
by George H. Akers.

Read more on the 7 compelling reasons and arguments presented by George H. Akers why an Adventist Education is so good.

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Welcome to Helderberg College


an institution with a history of over 120 years delivering high quality, values-based, wholistic education and producing graduates with a difference. If you are on the threshold pursuing higher studies, consider Helderberg College, where you will receive Adventist education.



Adventist Colleges

Looking for something different? If you want a college experience that is distinctively Christian and distinctively Adventist, you’ve come to the right place.adventist-college
Adventist colleges’ campuses combine the best of both worlds – excellent academic programs and an environment where you can practice your faith, meet friends who share your beliefs, and serve the community and the world.



Education – Teaching a whole life for a lifetimeadventist-church

When it comes to learning, our multifaceted lives require a multifaceted approach, and Adventists aim to provide the complete package. Education is not only about learning for the sake of intellectual growth.




HOPE Channelhope-channel

We are a Christian television network with 43 channels around the world, broadcasting in 39 languages. Our mission is to share God’s good news for a better life today and for eternity. Our programs focus on faith, health, relationships, and community.