Extra Curricular External Classes

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 Mastermaths Heidelberg offers students at Sedaven High School in agreement with Sedaven School  the following additional External Classes :

  1. Professional Extra Maths tuition for all grades Mathematics and Math Literacy
  2. Professional Extra Physical Science tuition for grades 10 to 12 
  3. We have an agreement with Sedaven High School that students who would like to attend our Mathematics and Physical Science can come to our centre with secure transport provided by Sedaven High School on weekdays from 14h30 to 17h15.masterscience

Master Maths is a progressive method of teaching mathematics and physical science. Our unique method of integrating personal contact from tutors with interactive computer lessons sets us apart from other maths tuition services. Our lessons are authored by highly competent mathematics teachers who interpret the South African curriculum and convert it into a user friendly and easy to understand format. Lesson content is regularly updated according to changes in the curriculum and CAPS document.

Our system provides learners with the opportunity to work through the curriculum at their own pace, and at their own level of ability. Learning is reinforced and evaluated both on the computer and through worksheets, which are done in writing and assessed by the tutors. With better understanding comes improved marks and improved confidence. The end result is a positive, motivated, independent learner who has the opportunity to choose the future he or she wants.

     For more detailed information and a introduction to our extra Mathematics tuition and methods please see our following webpage www.mastermaths.co.za

 For more detailed information and a introduction to our extra Physical Science tuition and methods  please see our following webpage www.masterscience.co.za

For more details on our centre and contacts details:ee842e3019fee30e4ca87cc93974d54b_XL


  • Contact Centre: Mastermaths Heidelberg
  • Contact number:016 341 2279
  • Center Cell:072 606 8587
  • Physical Address:1 Jacob/Louw Street at Hoër Volkskool Heidelberg
  • Postal code:1438