Learner Protection Policy for Social Media

Policy Statement on  Publishing Student Details on the School Website or any Social Media Sites StudentProtection2

The following policy guidelines provide safeguards to learners whose photos are published on internet sites:

  1. Great caution will be exerted when placing photos on the School’s Facebook Page. As a general guideline only group photos will be placed, and even then, it will be done with discretion.
  2. Individual photos may be placed on the School website. Where identification seems to be called for only the first name will be used except with the express written permission of the parent.
  3. Under no circumstances will other details such as contact addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses be published.
  4. Parents will be asked to sign a permission form for photos to be published – adhering to the above guidelines. A parent may request the school to remove a photo or a name caption attached to a photo even after having signed the permission form.