Meet our Teaching Staff

Introduction by Principalabeukesprincipal

Mrs A Beukes

We are best known for the quality of our teachers and for our academic results. If you have curiosity, energy and a desire to do well, this may well be the place for you. What sets Sedaven High School apart is the high quality of its teaching staff, and its focus on a carefully balanced preparation for higher study.

It is very exciting to see the dedication and love for Christian education that the staff brings to the school every day. While I believe that academics is a very important part of education, I also believe that teaching the love of Christ with morals and values are just as important in developing the “whole” child.

Through a close partnership with staff members and parents at Sedaven High School, I am confident that we can make our school a place where our students can continue to learn and grow academically and spiritually. Therefor on this page I present you the teaching and administrative staff of our school with pride and confidence in their ability.

Teaching Staff