Joining our School


  1. All Are Welcomed

1 Statement of Non-Discrimination

Sedaven High School is owned and operated by Seventh-day Adventists and emphasizes Adventist beliefs through its curriculum. However, a learner does not have to be a Seventh-day Adventist to attend. Enrollment is extended to any student who upholds a reverence for God and is willing to observe all school regulations.

Sedaven High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies and other school-administered programs.

  1. School Fees
  • Parents who desire the distinctive type of education offered by Sedaven High School enter into a legally binding financial contract with the school in which they undertake to pay the published school fees in advance.
  • NB !  A Credit check will be carried out by a reputable Financial Institution before a learner is admitted.
  • Parents who are not able to keep their school accounts current will be required to withdraw their children and will be advised to rather place them in a public school where the school fees are much more affordable and where provision is made by legislation to assist parents who cannot afford to pay the required school fund.

  1. Assessment of Learners

The academic and emotional levels of learners will be assessed before being registered at Sedaven High School.  If evident, after assessment, that the learner cannot be placed in the grade applied for, the learner will be placed in the recommended grade. A letter of consent to this effect will be required from the parent.  Parents have the right to disagree and enroll their child in a school of their preference or choice.

When may a new learner join the school family?

It is preferable for new learners to join our school family at the beginning of the academic year. If circumstances require enrollment during the academic year an appointment must be scheduled with the school principal where special arrangements can be agreed upon to accommodate the request.



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