We honor all our alumni, both learners and staff, who, with their presence and talents graced our little school from its inception to where we are today!

Through this “alumnus page” we would like to recognize and bring to remembrance all our alumni. Through this page – together with our Facebook page – we Facebookwould like to provide a forum through which alumni could stay up to date with happenings at their alma mater as well as providing a channel through which they could continue to share their wisdom and talents with the school.


At this point in time we cannot exactly visualize how we will achieve these aims. We would, however, like to start this venture by challenging our alumni to

  1. Share with us any pictures or group photos that you may have in your possession so that we could start a special alumnus memories collection.
  2. Share your e-mail address with us so that we may be able to contact you directly. We promise not to ‘pester’ you with requests for donations etc.
  3. We would gladly publish any small message or ‘memory gem’ that you might like to share with us.
  4. Won’t you please start the ball rolling by completing the following small input form and sending to us some of your photo memories of the school in your days here.