Welcome to Sedaven High SchoolSedaven-School-HS-logo-100

Sedaven High School is a place where VALUES, MORALS and LIFE LESSONS are taught and where we VALUE YOUR KID as an individual with the right to DEVELOP and GROW.

Welcome to a school that recognize a learners needs and passions and that NURTURES each and every learners full potential.

With a strong focus on a FAMILY and CHRISTIAN ethos as well as a HOLISTIC APPROACH to education, Sedaven High School provides a balance between academic, sport and cultural fields.

Our VISION is to produce young people who are able to meet the challenges of tomorrow. At Sedaven High School we set out to achieve this by:

  • aspiring towards excellence in academic, sporting and cultural fields
  • creating a safe, caring and enriching environment in which each child can find a “place in the sun”
  • providing progressive, technologically advanced and innovative education
  • contributing towards the development of character by encouraging personal integrity, loyalty, good manners, independent thinking and high moral values
  • fostering a respect of all fellow citizens and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Message from the Principalabeukesprincipal

(Mrs A Beukes)

Welcome to Sedaven High School: a warm, friendly and caring school with a vast diverse cultural mix of students and staff situated idyllically against the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve Hills. What first strikes visitors to our school is a palpable sense of community. The atmosphere is vibrant, purposeful and very friendly. Relationships are strong and supportive. There is always a lot going on and, to an extent, which is perhaps unusual, students of different year groups work collaboratively on the colourful range of events and activities that make up the fabric of the Sedaven High School resulting in a unique and distinct ethos in our school. It is a happy and cohesive community and an environment which liberates students to take the risks and embrace the challenges that will prepare them for their future roles and responsibilities as leaders in tomorrow’s society. The values of our School are founded on the principle that “Not for Self, but for God”.

At Sedaven High School we offer an inspiring learning environment, climate and curriculum for the education of boys and girls between the ages of 11-18 years in the belief that every child is valued, destined for greatness and has the capability to achieve their full potential and purpose in life. We believe that unearthing that talent is the role of every teacher. Felix Bloch stated that “I am sure that my fellow- scientists will agree with me if I say that whatever we were able to achieve in our later years had its origin in the experiences of our youth and in the hopes and wishes which were formed before and during our time as students”. All our staff are encouraged to employ imaginative and inspirational teaching in order to ignite a passion in our pupils for life-long learning. Small class sizes ensure that we are able to meet the individual needs of our pupils.

Our focus, therefore, is on developing the skills, attributes and habits of mind that will equip our students as life-long learners and as global citizens. Sedaven High School students are articulate, self-confident and skilled in the use of modern technologies.  Our aim is to launch them into the world as self-starters, focused but flexible, armed with the courage to grasp opportunities and the resilience and humour to negotiate setbacks along the way. Above all we want them to be equipped to lead happy, fulfilling and useful lives, wherever and however they choose to lead them.

To ensure we enable each and every student to fulfil their potential, an emphasis is placed on a strong academic program of study and supportive pastoral care. The academic curriculum is complemented by a wide and stimulating range of extra-curricular activities as well as local trips. Students are taught to give service to those less fortunate than themselves and to serve their local community during our annual Community Service Day. There is something for everyone.  Our students will embark upon adult life conscious of their worth, ambitious for their futures and aware that they are lucky indeed to have been educated here.

Sedaven High School is a very special school. If you want to see how special, you are warmly invited to stop in and say hello, as my door is always open.  I would like to wish you a terrific upcoming school year. If there is anything I can assist you with, please feel free to let me know.